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Comic Plasmoid vs. RSS Readers

May 21, 2011

Last time I mentioned that I am going to post a new enry soon, well guess what my "soon" takes probably longer than your "soon". 😉

People who have looked at the feature plan might have seen that I planned to add support for random strips for 4.7. Well I had it working here, though I am not happy with the result, or rather its implementation. Thus that has to wait for 4.8. Yet the other feature I was working on made it in.

If you like comics a lot and have lots of tabs in the comic plasmoid you’ll soon encounter a problem: You simply don’t know which comic has an updated strip. Thus you either click on each tab hoping to finally see how a story proceeds just being disappointed that there still is no update or you’ll might switch to something else. Namely RSS readers. There you see updates quite fast and don’t have to bother with the rest. RSS readers also have disadvantages, it is not so easy to jump to old comic strips, create comic book archives (*hint*), …

What I did was combining the advantages of both. Similar to a RSS reader you can define a timespan where the comic plasmoid will check if there are new comic strips, let’s say every 30 minutes. If it finds new comic strips the tabs will get highlighted — a feature I implemented in Plasma::TabBar (thx for the help plasma guys! 🙂 ). Pressing Ctrl + N or using the context menu makes it possible to directly jump to the next comic strip where a new strip was published. Thus you can have douzens of different tabs open while still being able to navigate to new strips quite fast.