GSOC KGet — wrapup

Now that GSOC is over everyone expects to see the results, so here you go. ًں™‚

The last few weeks were mostly filled with improving the newly added features and adding some small features here and there. I was able to fix lots of bugs in my code I sometimes experienced and hope that the user experience won’t be that bad. ًںک€

KGet now supports:

  • multisource downloading
  • changing the destination of a download while downloading
  • adding/removing mirrors to downloads while you download and changing the number of connections to the mirrors
  • adding checksums to downloads and manually verifiying them
  • automatically searching for checksums on the server (by e.g. appending .md5 to the url)
  • automatically using present checksums to verify a download that finished
  • repairing a broken download (redownloading foul parts or whole download)
  • Downloading a metalink you can define which files should be downloaded and which not, can be changed later in the transfer settings
  • some data is passed from Metalink to Nepomuk, like Publisher etc.
  • MetalinkCreator –> an assistant to create metalinks, currently it is based on the most recent Metalink Draft (v. 12 — not all parts are supported in the GUI yet) so it is bound to change — I’ll probably show a video of the metalinkcreator in action once I have time
  • the parser used to parse the metalink files does also work with “old” metalink-files (v. 3.0 2nd edition) so it could be used to convert them to the new format

Having digital signatures support and a Bittorrent-TransferDataSource did not made it in though.

That’s a wrapup of what I did, I probably forgot a lot as it has been so much code: the diff has ~18.000 lines, more than 10.000 lines have been added a lot of comments, ui stuff and some code ;). [1] Interested people can look at the code here [2], an instruction can be found on the KGet-Ml in the “GSOC — Review”-thread. And yes, in fact it is planned to push all that to trunk, currently the code is being reviewed and changes are made to it.

What will the future bring? I am going to continue to work on KGet and plan to add some features, though the pace of changes will be a little slower now.

Thanks to my mentor Urs and to Lukas who helped me on my way along.

PS.: I’m a lazy blogger. I like writing code more than writing about writing code.

[1] Yeah, I’m proud of my work. ًں™‚ I didn’t think that I would end up writing so much.



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13 Responses to “GSOC KGet — wrapup”

  1. shamaz Says:

    That’s an impressive list of new features ! good work ًں™‚

  2. Isabel Says:

    Sounds nice!

    Are there plans for kget to enable downloads with dlc and/or cnl files? This whould be very nice.

    • mat69 Says:


      Isabel: I’m not sure what you mean with dlc and cnl. I guess dlc is downloadable content, though I’m not sure what you imagine here.

  3. Isabel Says:

    Ah, i ‘m sorry that i havn ‘t explain exactly what i mean. A dlc container is the format jdownloader use (

  4. David Says:

    AFAIK dlc format was cracked, so there’s no point in using it now.

    The whole purpose of dlc/JDownloader was to be able to download from Rapidshare/Megaupload without actually knowing the links, so nobody could report them for being illegal or something else (and thus they won’t get blocked/deleted).

    But now there are tools that can extract the links from dlc archives, so there’s no point in using them anymore.

    • Isabel Says:

      That was not the only reason. It is more comfortable to copy links to a downloadmanager and than care about something else and after some time all downloads are finish than do every download by own.

  5. pvandewyngaerde Says:

    what about jigdo format frontend ?

  6. Nikhil Says:

    great work!

    I’m looking forward to when I can switch to KGet from DownloadThemAll

  7. mat69 Says:

    Hmm isn’t the idea of all this container formats that there are no open spec? So even if I was able to add support having something like that under an open license would defy the reason for it. I guess it would be too much work for the gain.

    jigdo itself is also not a priority as it would most likely result in lots of work, while there is still a lot to improve of the existing parts.

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  9. Major improvements in KGet and continued work on Shaman2 « Boom1992’s Weblog Says:

    […] KGet… There has been a whole bunch of work on it in the last months, including the merge of Matthias’ great work during SoC, a kget-krunner (thanks to Tomas Van Verrewegen), a lot of feature development and even more […]

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